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Preparing For LDS Missionary Service


  • 1. Start a savings account if you do not already have one, and establish a program of regular savings. Set aside some money today, no matter how little it may be. Then, whenever you receive money, put at least part of it into a savings account for your Mormon mission.
  • 2. Get a part-time job, and save the extra money you make.
  • 3. Practice self-discipline. Make yourself a budget, and stick to it.

Physical Health


Social Skills

  • 1. Learn common rules of etiquette.
  • 2. Learn to like a wide variety of foods.
  • 3. Be punctual.
  • 4. Make a point to remember the names of people you meet for the first time.

Work and Study Habits

  • 1. Do something each day that you don't want to do that day or would otherwise put off. In this way, you can develop self-discipline.
  • 2. Do your schoolwork when you first get home from school, rather than put it off until later.
  • 3. Carry out your Church responsibilities faithfully.
  • 4. Apply yourself in seminary and in school. Do more than the required reading.
  • 5. Get in the habit of reading the scriptures daily.
  • 6. Memorize some scriptures from the Mormon missionary discussions.
  • 7. Spend some time each week setting goals and making a plan to reach your goals.


Language Skills

  • 1. Take a language class at school.
  • 2. If you are already studying a language, study it more diligently.
  • 3. Learn about the culture of the people whose language you are studying. Have the young men read Doctrine and Covenants 90:15.


Household Skills

  • 1. Learn to cook and plan menus. Do the shopping.
  • 2. Learn to sew, and mend your own clothes.
  • 3. Learn to wash and iron your own clothes.
  • 4. Collect recipes for dishes that are nutritious and simple to prepare.


Grooming and Cleanliness

  • 1. Learn to practice principles of personal cleanliness and good grooming.
  • 2. Begin now to observe Mormon missionary standards with respect to such things as Sunday dress and hair length.
  • 3. Keep your room clean without having to be told.