Earn your entire Mission fund in 60 days!
LDS Missionaries
How wonderful it would be if every boy could totally or largely finance his own mission and thereby receive most of the blessings coming from his missionary labors. - Spencer W. Kimball

Working and saving for a mission generates enthusiasm for serving and gives a young man or a young woman a good work ethic. - M. Russell Ballard

I Made Over $15,000 Hanging Christmas Lights!

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Saving for an LDS mission isn't easy! It is one of the hardest things I had to do. I recently returned home from my mission and I want to share my secret for being able to fund my entire mission on my own! I did in in less than 2 months by hanging Christmas lights in Sandy, Utah.

Before my mission, I had just graduated high school and was expecting to leave on my mission the following Spring. That gave me about 8 months to save the rest of the money I needed for my mission. During High School, I had a part time job as a landscaper and a managed to save a little but I needed a lot more to pay for my 2 years away. I didn't come from a wealthy family so my parents contribution was going to be minimal. I was approaching Christmas with a certain amount of hesitation. I work the rest of the year as a landscaper and winter is my slow time. People don't want their lawns maintained and their flower beds treated when it's too cold to appreciate them. I hadn't had that much work lately, and as soon as I saw the Christmas lights start to go up all over town I started to get a big lump in my throat. Earn money hanging Christmas Lights

By this point, I had received my mission call to serve in the Buenos Aires, Argentina Mission and I knew that I only had 4 months to save the other 7 thousand dollars I needed. I thought hard about ways to make the money I needed to pay for my mission, but all the ideas I had were either dumb or were too difficult to start in the short term. I was as broke as a busted engine. That is when I turned to prayer and the scriptures for help.

I didn't know what to do. I was lost. I did the only thing I could think of. Press on. Move forward. I continued going about life normally. I had no other choice so I kept praying that something would come my way.

Every time I walked through town and saw the Holiday lights being hung, I felt a giant lump in the back of my throat. I was supposed to leave in March but was still a long way away from having the money I needed to go. I didn't know how I was going to afford to pay for my mission and the Christmas lights were a twinkling symbol of my failure. I knew that God would provide a way though.

I usually take alot of pride in putting up my families Christmas lights and I generally find the entire process very therapeutic. I'm pretty good with my hands and I like working outside, but that year, I wasn't excited about it.

I knew that I just couldn't avoid putting my lights up forever, so I decided to get it done so it would be over with as soon as possible.

That Saturday, I grabbed ladder and called some good friends to help me. I figured that if I was going to be tortured by my Holiday lights, the least I could do was make the best of it and have some friends help me out.

So my friends came by and we started laying out the lights. I never realized before how detailed my lighting design was and as we were putting up the strings, my friend kept mentioning how cool my schemes were. I was really glad I invited them over, I started feeling alot better about my situation. I will never underestimate the power of a genuine compliment, it really can go a long way. I am loving proof.

As the day went on and the lights were taking shape, a crowd started to gather around my house. People were 'oohing' and 'aahing' when we tested the lights and when the whole project was done, people actually applauded. It was really neat.Be a successful mormon missionary

I didn't have a clue who these people were and I was really blown away that they had spent their Saturday watching me put up Christmas Lights. When I was finished, I walked over to the crowd to find out why they were so intrigued by my home.

Everyone I spoke to had a similar story about how lame the lights were in town and how the lights on my house seemed interesting by comparison. I blushed a little from the compliment and I said that my designs weren't anything special. It was then that my big idea hit me and I realized that I had finally found a great way to make some decent money in a short period of time.

I told everyone in the crowd that I run a Holiday light installation business and if they wanted their house or business to look as good as mine does, that I'd be delighted to give them a quote.

Instantly, I got two clients and I spent the next few weeks creating lighting designs for neighbors and small business all over town.

I put an ad in the local classifieds and on Craigslist and started advertising and expanding my business. Before I knew it, I was working full days and sometimes making a thousand dollars a day!

My reputation was getting bigger and so was my bank account. I was a bit of a local celebrity. With every job I did, I was getting more experience, more money, and more clients. I made alot of mistakes, but I learned from my mistakes and I kept on growing. I often wished that I had a mentor to teach me what I had to learn for myself, but I wasn't so fortunate. I had to rely on what I thought was the most intelligent way to put up the toughest of Holiday lights.

That year, I was busy from the middle of November straight till February and made $15,000. When I returned home from my mission, I was able to do hang Christmas Lights again and I already had a great Client base!

This eBook Explains Everything!

I started hanging Christmas Lights 7 years ago. It all began with a borrowed ladder and and a bit of old-fashioned entrepreneurial spirit! When I started, I made alot of mistakes. I have seen the industy grow exponentially to the point now where it is a billion dollar a year industry! As peoples lives get busier, it seems that the one headache that they want to just pay to have go away is the Christmas Light Installation. This is where you and I come in! People will actualy pay us to install their Christmas Lights. I am living proof that someone elses headache is another man's GOLD MINE! Each year, I make just over $100,000 dollars hanging Christmas Lights. Industry sources say that the Holiday Lighting Industry is worth over $500 Million dollars! .

Make $20,000 hanging Christmas Lights

When I started installing Christmas Lights 7 years ago, I was running my own landscaping company. My company was successful but it only brought in an income during three seasons. Spring, Summer, and Fall. I needed a way to bring in some money during the winter months. On a pleasant fall day in November - as I was hanging the lights on my parents home, a neighbor asked if I could put up his lights too. I said sure. He paid me $300 and the job only took 3 1/2 hours. I thought, "I think I have just found the perfect add-on service to my landscaping business!". By the end of the week, I had hung lights on half the homes on my street. The money was coming in.

The following year, I started advertising in September and October. Letting friends and family know that I was available to hang their lights. Word got around and even local businesses started contacting me. They wanted a way to show their holiday spirit and attract more customers. That season, I ended up bringing in more than $60,000.

A good friend of mine runs a painting company and things really slow down for him in the fall. I gave him the idea of hanging Christmas Lights and I taught him everything that had learned and he brought in $50,000 in his first year of holiday decorating. Holiday Light installation is the perfect add-on for many seasonal businesses. I have taught people how to set up their own Christmas Light Installation business who, during warmer months, are window cleaners, lifeguards, handymen, landscapers, carpenters, painters, roofers, and even construction workers. It's a low risk business because, you have access to your current and past customer database to get your leads and you can even use your regular employees who also need work in the winter months. Not a bad business plan and the start-up cost is almost nothing!

Now, on average, I make over $1000 per day in the 60 days leading up to Christmas. In addition to that, I also have several crews who install lights for me and I make $500 a day off of them . Can you do the math? That is an insane amount of money to be making at Christmas time!

Don't get me wrong. I have made plenty of mistakes in this business. I have pulled some major blunders when it comes to advertising, choosing suppliers, using the right equipment and hiring contractors. I actually see this as a good thing. I have made all the mistakes so you don't have to! I have put 7 years of my life into this business kit and now I want to teach you how to start your own Christmas Light Installation Business so you don't have to go through the painful mistakes that I did!

It's Your Turn to Make Some Money!

Running a successful Christmas Light Installation Business isn't rocket science. I believe that anyone can do it. As long as they go about it the right way. It is necessary to have a mentor. Someone who has done it before and can teach you the tricks of the trade - what to do and what to ABSOLUTELY AVOID at all costs.

If you run a seasonal business and are looking for ways to bring in some money during the slow winter months, this is what you've been searching for. Make $20,000 hanging Christmas Lights

With the proper training that I teach in my Christmas Light Installation Business Kit, you can easily learn how to design and install amazing Christmas light displays.

Once you purchase this informative electronic Business Kit, you will have the knowledge to start and run a HIGHLY PROFITABLE business where for very little up front, you can make a ton of money every single year. I guarantee that if you implement the principles that I teach in the Business Kit, you will make 10x your initial investment or I will refund your money completely.

Starting and maintaining your own Christmas light installation business isn't hard. All it takes is a ladder, a good pair of shoes, the motivation to accomplish your dreams and the right training. This is your chance to learn the business from an industry insider. I don't want you to spend years making the same mistakes that I made, learn today how to do things right the first time.

Creating beautiful Christmas light displays isn't as hard as you might think. When you read this powerful electronic Business Kit, you will learn everything you need to know to become a professional Christmas Light Installer. If you've ever been a construction worker, a handyman, a painter, or a landscaper, then you know that it's important to have a job to sustain you during the slow winter months. This is the perfect opportunity to be your own boss, run your own business. I make over $1000 a day installing Christmas Lights! You can too!

Christmas will be here sooner than you think. Buy Christmas Cash today and start making some REAL MONEY.

Christmas Cash eBook Will Help You...

Start and Run a HIGHLY-PROFITABLE Christmas Light Installation Company!

Get the High Paying Clients Who You Will Have Year After Year!

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Know What Tools and Equipment You Need to do the Job Right!

How to Hire a Crew who will Make You Money When You Aren't There!


Why Not Make Over 30k This Christmas!

This electronic Christmas Light Bisiness Kit will teach you exactly what you need to know so you can start and run your own successful Christmas lighting installation business today. If you can climb a ladder, can stand on a roof, are good with your hands and have an eye for detail, than this could be the highly-profitable winter business you need!

What are you waiting for? Just think of how many homes and businesses in your neighborhood use Christmas Lights to show their Holiday Spirit! Think of how nice City Hall or Local Golf courses look with their beautiful Lights! Have you ever been to a mall in December that wasn't covered in Christmas Lights? Businesses all over the world look to the Christmas season to make a good portion of their yearly profits, You can make a ton of money in 60 days hanging Christmas Lights. Guaranteed.

Our Christmas Cash Business Kit eBook gives you with the best and most recent information so you can start designing lighting displays and hanging lights immediately. Don't waste your time making the same mistakes that I made when I started. It cost me alot of time and money. Skip the learning curve, jump right into the drivers seat and come out with a ton of cash. Learn what you need to know so you can start and run your own business right now.

Make $20,000 hanging Christmas LightsWhat's in the Business Kit?

Tagg Hamilton's

Christmas Light Installation Business Kit
"Your Guide to Christmas Light Installation Profits!"


Here's a look at over 100+ pages of important information that you'll receive in my Christmas Light Installation Business Kit:




Christmas Light Installation Business Chapter 1: Introduction to the Business

  1. About the Industry
  2. Business Opportunities
  3. Dealing with the Competition
  4. Franchise Option
  5. Types of Clients
  6. What to Expect
  7. Starting a Business
  8. Business License
  9. Getting Insured

Christmas Light Installation BusinessChapter 2: Customer Retention

  1. Holding on to Clients - Year after Year
  2. Other Business Opportunities in the off-season
  3. Dealing with Repair Calls
  4. Expanding Your Business
  5. Making Customers Happy
  6. Email and Mailing Templates

Christmas Light Installation Business Chapter 3: Running Your Business Successfully

  1. When to Market
  2. Marketing to Commercial Properties
  3. Marketing to Residential Homeowners
  4. Marketing Ideas
  5. Creating Signage and effective on-line ads
  6. Preparing to do business for yourself
  7. Phone Etiquette
  8. Frequently Asked Questions
  9. Pricing Tips
  10. How to Price the Job right
  11. Pricing Suggestions
  12. How to prepare an Estimate
  13. How to prepare a Client Quote
  14. Phone Estimates
  15. Setting up Appointments
  16. Scheduling Jobs
  17. Professionalism
  18. Collecting Payment

Christmas Light Installation Business Chapter 4: Equipment and Installation Tips

  1. Working with Electricity
  2. Stripping and Splicing Wire
  3. Tools and Equipment (Necessary & Optional)
  4. Types of Lights
  5. Safety Tips
  6. Lighting and Electrical Products
  7. Key Terms and Glossary
  8. Installation Procedures
  9. Types of installations (shingle, siding, gutter etc.)
  10. Shrubery, Hedges, Bushes & Trees
  11. Trouble shooting
  12. Removal and Take down of Lights
  13. Tips from the pros!

Christmas Light Installation Business Chapter 5: Business Forms

  1. All the necessary forms to do the job right
  2. Questionnaires
  3. Customer and Installer Quote Forms
  4. Invoice
  5. Customer Checklist
  6. Business Cards

Christmas Light Installation Business Bonus Chapter 6:

  1. Starting a Small Business in British Columbia
  2. Starting a Small Business in Alberta
  3. Starting a Small Business in Ontario

Christmas Light Installation Business Also Included:

  1. The Do's & Dont's of Christmas Light Installation
  2. Christmas Light Removal Instructions
  3. Please Avoid Doing This!
  4. How To Safely Remove Christmas Lights
  5. DANGER!... What to watch out for

Christmas Light Installation Business Resources:

  1. Christmas Light Installation Supply Companies
  2. Christmas Light Installation Business Management Software Tips
  3. Manufacturers of Christmas Light Installation Products,
  4. Government Regulations and Standards
  5. Christmas Light Installation E-books and Instruction

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